Gutter Cleaning Services Gilbert Arizona

Here in gilbert a lot of people have been asking me about gutter cleaning. It’s a pretty simple job we have the ladders too. Some gutters have trees over them and they fill up pretty fast. Some homes we service several times each year. We have done a handful of big commercial jobs too. No job too big or too small for us. Thanks for all the work gilbert and surrounding areas. Here’s some pictures of our work.

Best Window Cleaner in Gilbert Arizona

As the title says.. I’m not going to lie. I’m the one of the best window cleaners here in Gilbert Arizona. I deep clean every aspect of your window. In my opinion you should scrub the frames, scrub the glass and detail the tracks. Scrape off any MOOP if needed. I haven’t been to burning man but just an ode to my friends that go hard in the dust! We live I that same dust and our homes take a beating from the monsoons. Apples to apples I beat the competition on price and quality. Compare the prices and services and you can see for yourself. No window cleaners in this area are detailing the tracks with crevice tools or scrubbing oxidation off the frames. I’m the owner/operator on every job and I care for your home like I care for my own home here in Adora Trails. After all the storms it is recommended to clean your windows for regular home maintenance. The holidays are done and we’re in the new year. It’s nice to have clean windows!

Adora Trails Two Story Window Cleaning With Sunscreens

We love doing jobs in our neighborhood. This is how we started our window cleaning business here in Gilbert AZ. A lot of people in the community found out about us on Facebook and the Nextdoor app. I’m not going to lie but yes I’m the bucket Bob in the neighborhood. With exception I have insurance, licensed all that but I did and still so everything at low cost. I do have have a WFP but IMO Traditional window cleaning is my thing, I’ve cleaned windows since the early 90’s. IMHO too many variables and so many moving parts working with a Water Fed Pole. This breaks, that needs replacing, new brush, new pole, more resin. Good gosh!! I’ll just clean the window.. it doesn’t have to be “Rocket Science” Take in fact the water here in Arizona is filthy and it costs a lot to run the water filters. So I don’t mind spending extra time to scrub the frames and pay special attention to to tracks.

Anyway.. Two story sunscreens add a bit of work. This picture below is a great example. You have two sunscreens on one window. They are covering a window that has 2 panes of glass. Looking at one window seems pretty simple sure but looks can be deceiving and cleaning everything on this one window is a big task. You need to go up and get the screen and bring it down. If there are screws that need to be removed and reattached, that takes a bit of extra time. Then pressure wash and clean the screen. Next is climbing back up the ladder to clean that pane and track. Rinse and repeat for the next window and sunscreen. Six total trips up the ladder to clean everything on the exterior of this second story window. I definitely earn my pay for these.. makes up for the easy one’s on the first floor.

Gilbert Window Cleaning in the Seville Community

I dig this community. It’s close and I have a lot of customers in the Seville Community. The windows are a little older and the frames are different. The frames are metal with a painted finish. If you don’t clean the frames the paint oxidizes. If you wipe the same color onto the window. That is the oxidation process deteriorating the window. The heat here in Arizona is brutal to anything sitting in the sun all day. Cleaning your windows every six months or at least once per year is recommended.

Almost 4 Hours 13 Windows In Phoenix + Tacos

I know it took a while but it came out great! A neighbor of ours in Adora Trails. She referred me to her MIL. The house was far in North Phoenix. I like to meet friends or relatives of neighbors that I work with. She wasn’t there though and I didn’t think about that. They are selling the house. The house was empty so I had room to put the camera on the other small light weight ladder. That ladder was also holding my towels too. It was hot and the sun was out. I think it was 105 so not too too bad for Arizona standards.

A great reason why I don’t mind going to North Phoenix is TACOS!! This lunch truck in Phoenix is the spot. So anytime someone asks if I go to Phoenix. That would be a definite yes for me. The place is called La Frontera Van Buren and 16th behind the Jack and the Box.

Chandler Real Estate Job

Sometimes a job needs to be done and the customer is not around to pay. We have solutions for these jobs. A key was placed in a lock box and I have access to the house. After I finished the job. I sent some pictures of the clean windows. She asked if I could put the curtains up. I did this for her and didnt charge her. This is how I like to treat customers. Go above and beyond and make them happy.

Vito’s Restaurant Gilbert Clean Windows

Vito’s restaurant it’s a great restaurant that we clean every month. These windows look great every time you come in to eat at their locations. We have been cleaning these windows here in the Gilbert location for almost 3 years now. Restaurants that keep their windows cleaned are very good restaurants in our opinion. Vito’s restaurant in Gilbert is top notch.

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Trilogy Community Gilbert Arizona

Definitely one of my favorite communities in Gilbert. I’ve met some very good people and it’s been nice to clean windows in the Gilbert Arizona Trilogy Community. It was this house when we were working. One of our workers heard someone screaming for help. Low and behold there was a lady that had fallen down near the backyard from where we were working. Thank God our worker extraordinaire Caden stopped doing whatever he was doing and helped this lady to safety.