Complete Package Window Cleaning – Includes washing the window inside out with the glass completely cleaned. We deep clean the frames to remove oxidation. All windows opened to clean out the tracks. Exterior ledges and the area around the window soft washed. All bug screens removed, soaped, rinsed, wiped dry and re installed. Every window is meticulously and thoroughly deep cleaned Call for a quote 480-643-9864

Cleaning examples Example One -> Example Two Three

Exterior Only Window Cleaning $12.00 per window pane. Add 3.00 for two story.

Regular Repeat Maintenance Quarterly and Semi-Annual Window Cleaning – $15.00 -$17.00 Per Window. Add 3.00 for second story windows. Inside out with the tracks and bug screens cleaned too.

Sunscreen Cleaning – $7.00 Per Sunscreen. Add 3.00 for second story sunscreens.
Pressure washed, reconditioned and re installed

* Minimum Charge for two story homes $150.00

*Minimum Charge one story home $100.00

Commercial Storefront Window Cleaning – 4.00-6.00 per pane ground floor windows. All glass cleaned inside out and the frames wiped down.

Screen Repair $25.00-$45.00 to rescreen the bug screen mesh material. Screen doors $100.00-$150.00. Replace bent frames $10.00 per side. Call for sunscreen rescreen pricing. Sample rescreen link #1

Blind Cleaning – $18.00 Per Blind 2 inch wood and faux wood blinds only

Rain Gutter Cleaning – $2.50 per linear foot. $3.50 per linear foot for second story.

Minimum Charge One Story 100.00

Minimum Charge Two Story 150.00

Extra services – Construction clean up window cleaning. Pressure washing many types of surfaces. Odd material or paint overspray removal, Hard water spot removal, small screen repair and blind repairs.

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