Adora Trails Two Story Window Cleaning With Sunscreens

We love doing jobs in our neighborhood. This is how we started our window cleaning business here in Gilbert AZ. A lot of people in the community found out about us on Facebook and the Nextdoor app. I’m not going to lie but yes I’m the bucket Bob in the neighborhood. With exception I have insurance, licensed all that but I did and still so everything at low cost. I do have have a WFP but IMO Traditional window cleaning is my thing, I’ve cleaned windows since the early 90’s. IMHO too many variables and so many moving parts working with a Water Fed Pole. This breaks, that needs replacing, new brush, new pole, more resin. Good gosh!! I’ll just clean the window.. it doesn’t have to be “Rocket Science” Take in fact the water here in Arizona is filthy and it costs a lot to run the water filters. So I don’t mind spending extra time to scrub the frames and pay special attention to to tracks.

Anyway.. Two story sunscreens add a bit of work. This picture below is a great example. You have two sunscreens on one window. They are covering a window that has 2 panes of glass. Looking at one window seems pretty simple sure but looks can be deceiving and cleaning everything on this one window is a big task. You need to go up and get the screen and bring it down. If there are screws that need to be removed and reattached, that takes a bit of extra time. Then pressure wash and clean the screen. Next is climbing back up the ladder to clean that pane and track. Rinse and repeat for the next window and sunscreen. Six total trips up the ladder to clean everything on the exterior of this second story window. I definitely earn my pay for these.. makes up for the easy one’s on the first floor.

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