window cleaning

Almost 4 Hours 13 Windows In Phoenix + Tacos

I know it took a while but it came out great! A neighbor of ours in Adora Trails. She referred me to her MIL. The house was far in North Phoenix. I like to meet friends or relatives of neighbors that I work with. She wasn’t there though and I didn’t think about that. They are selling the house. The house was empty so I had room to put the camera on the other small light weight ladder. That ladder was also holding my towels too. It was hot and the sun was out. I think it was 105 so not too too bad for Arizona standards.

A great reason why I don’t mind going to North Phoenix is TACOS!! This lunch truck in Phoenix is the spot. So anytime someone asks if I go to Phoenix. That would be a definite yes for me. The place is called La Frontera Van Buren and 16th behind the Jack and the Box.

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